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Ray Ellis Original Sketches

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This group of sketches ranges from rough ideas jotted down on paper, to preliminary and even more fully realized drawings intended to explore composition, color, scale or point of view. Ellis went on to execute paintings from many of these sketches.


The sketches are all unframed. We offer two views of each: the full sheet of paper and the image as it might be cropped for framing. There is no right way to mat and frame these. It is possible to leave all the artists marks exposed or mask them with the mat, leaving just the image exposed. It is a personal choice. 


Many of the sketches are painted on lightweight drawing paper. The watercolors can cause an undulation in the lighter paper. When framing, the imperfections can be left unaltered or
if desired, the sketch can be mounted. We recommend using a reversible acid free mounting board. Again, it’s up to you.

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