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Prints outside the regular edition that are marked with an ‘A/P’ are known as Artist Proofs. They are traditionally the property of the artist and are usually limited to an additional 10% of the edition size. For example, an edition of 500 prints would include 50 additional prints signed and marked, A/P 1/50 and so on. The image quality is exactly the same as in the regular edition prints.


As with an original watercolor, you do not want to expose the giclée print to excessive moisture. These prints are published on archival paper. We recommend archival framing to preserve the neutral pH environment. With proper care, these prints may be enjoyed for generations to come.


All limited edition prints, offset lithos or giclées, come with a certificate of authenticity.


Giclées are produced from digital images which are output by high resolution ink-jet printers. Unlike offset lithography which requires film, separations, and plates; the scanned image is sent directly to the printer. the process yields rich vibrant color and sharp images.


Giclées should be treated with the same care given to original works of art. The pigment based inks we use in printing are the best the industry has to offer, giving fade and color shift protection up to a minimum 90 years in average indoor light conditions. Exposure to sunlight can alter the color of any print. We recommend UV glass which provides additional protection. Consult a framer for the life span of UV glass. As with all limited edition prints, each is numbered and signed by the artist. In the case of our recent giclée editions, the artist’s signature is replaced with an embossed signature.


Offset lithographs are produced from film. Images are burned to screens. The inks are transferred or ‘offset’ through screens from one roller to another on the printing press before it is printed onto paper. The multiple screens represent the 4 color CYMK process. This process was the norm for many years. All of our prints before the year 2000 were offset lithos. All of our limited edition, offset prints are published using archival papers and inks. They are designed for longevity. Each print is signed and numbered by Ray Ellis. We recommend UV glass when framing.


An open or unlimited edition is a series of prints that does not have a limited run. The edition’s initial print run tends to be large and may be reprinted. Unlike the limited editions, our open edition prints are not archival. These are the least expensive prints. We highly recommend using UV glass when framing to help preserve the colors.


A remarque is a small original drawing, painting or sketch added to the border or image of a print and so it increases the value of the print. Only a limited number of prints are remarqued. A pencil remarque is $750 and watercolor remarques are $1000. Prices are in addition to the print price.

All of our offset lithographs have been signed by Ray Ellis. Many of the giclées have been printed since Ellis’ death. The estate has authorized an embossed signature that has taken the place of the pencil signature on our more recent prints. 

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