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Please read the description of the process below. After reading, if you would like us to e-mail an agreement form, please e-mail us and ask for one. You will receive a Web Sales Agreement form to fill out soon after, sign and return with photographs. The agreement is a .pdf that can be filled out and returned via email along with jpgs of the painting.


The sales agreement includes:

1. Owners Contact Information - Name, address, city, state, zip, phone, email
2. Painting Details - Title, size, medium, date
3. Commission rate 75/25, 75% is payable 10 days after sale is completed
4. How the sales are transacted
5. Terms for payment and grace period
6. What photographs are required and how best to achieve good quality photos
7. Pricing suggestions
8. Recommendations for shipping and insuring the painting
9. Checklist 


Once we receive the signed agreement and photographs, we will post the painting with details on the website under "Consignments & Resales"


When we have an offer, we will send the potential buyer an agreement form which explains their responsibilities. The Buyer's Agreements are to be signed and returned with payment. Compass Prints holds the payment until the sale is concluded. 


Paintings are shipped by the seller at their expense.

The buyer has 48 hours to accept or decline the painting. If it is declined, the buyer is responsible for the return shipment and insurance that covers the retail price. 


Packaging instructions are provided to both parties. We strongly suggest photo documentation of interior and exterior packaging or having it packed by a UPS or FedEx store. 

When the painting is accepted by the buyer or after 24 hours, with or without confirmation, the payment is deposited. Within 10 days the seller will receive 75% of the sale price. If the buyer declines the painting, their money will be refunded once the painting has been returned in good condition. If the painting is damaged in shipment, it is the shippers responsibility to file a claim in order to compensate the seller the full sale price of the painting. INSURE FOR FULL VALUE. 

The seller is responsible for providing complete and accurate photographs of the painting and any condition issues. Without them, it is more likely the painting will be returned. We offer some helpful hints to get great photos. And we may be able to tweak them for the best representation of the painting.

There are no fees for posting. Compass Prints receives 25% of the sale price after the sale is completed.

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